Sunday, November 24, 2019

Opted Out!

Well that was weird, after thinking about the traditional publishing route for so long I decided to look more closely into self publishing on Amazon.  And I am very glad I did.  Its such an unfathomably easy process that before I really realised what had happened I had published my book!

I feel liberated! I have control over the realisation of my dream.  It is no longer being cast to the whim of an anonymous agent who can at the flick of a finger either accept the kind offer of 20% of all income in perpetuity or reject it without explanation. I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. After all I am under no illusions, I don't for one minute think I am the next Arthur C. Clarke (but I'd love to be, he was the best!).  I am a hobbyist author who has a full time job, two kids and a massive running problem.  So by self publishing online I have taken back control of my hobby and it is wonderful!  All of a sudden the purpose of it makes sense again.

I've been asking myself why do this, why write, where does the need come from?  Why agonise over having my story published?  I guess in all honesty it's not for me at all.  I feel like it's about legacy. Something that can exist forever for my children to really get to know me.  They can read my stories and understand my deepest thoughts, the innermost workings of my mind and wonderings.  And to top it all off I can look them in the eye when I tell them. - "Chase that dream and live it".  Having a dream is the most important thing, but you have to act to make it a reality.

All it took for me to realise I'm in control was to take that step to opt-out.  Opting out of the conventional, normal, expected approach feels great.  But perhaps I've opted-in?  Opted in to making it happen, and literally seizing the day?

Once the adrenaline has eased off and I stop obsessing over who has liked my facebook post, I will really have to figure out the rest of social media and how to reach sci-fi fans!

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